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New Sponsor - Wiscanna!

I'm stoked to announce that I’m officially working with Wiscanna! They are a local Wisconsin hemp growing and processing company that specializes in regenerative health and agriculture. These are products that work, produced by people I know and trust.

I use their full-spectrum CBD tinctures to help me sleep when needed and their muscle rub when I fall off my bike. Two weeks ago I had a bad crash and thought I broke my thumb. Thankfully x-rays confirmed nothing was fractured but I was still unable to move it and was in a lot of pain. Their dream cream which is a blend of CBD, arnica, ginger, and wintergreen dramatically reduced my pain and swelling. Within a few days, I had full use of my thumb back.

It’s not snake oil, it just works. Plain and simple! If you’re interested in trying some of their CBD products use code CALEB15 for a 15% discount.

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