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I am 23 years old and from Madison, Wisconsin. I now live in Missoula, MT. I graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis where I am majored in biology and minored in exercise science while also racing collegiately. I am professional cyclist who races cyclocross and mountain. I started going to races with my parents from an early age and when I was nine years old, I did my first cyclocross race. I was immediately hooked and the next year I started mountain bike racing. When I was 14, I decided cycling was what I really enjoyed and chose to pursue my dreams in the sport. Since then I have competed at a national and international level earning wins and podiums at professional UCI races, won numerous national championships, raced around the world on three different continents, in nearly ten different countries and represented the U.S. in World Cup events and both cyclocross and mountain bike World Championships.

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Instagram - cswartzz
Twitter - cswartzz
Facebook - Caleb Swartz

Strava - Caleb Swartz


MTB - 2023

4th - Missoula XC (STXC)
7th - Missoula XC C1 (XC)
3rd - Missoula XC C2 (XC)
7th - Englewood Open C1 (XC)
8th - Englewood Open C3 (STXC)
6th - Grand Junction Ride and Vibes Marathon
5th - Grand Junction Ride and Vibes Fat Tire Crit
14th - Whiskey 50 Off-Road Marathon
4th - Whiskey 50 Off-Road Fat Tire Crit
26th - Sea Otter Life Time Grand Prix Fuego XL

CX - 2022-23

34th - Zonhoven World Cup
23rd - Superprestige Gullegem
36th - X2O Trofee Koksijde - Vlaamse Duinencross
28th - X2O Trofee Baal - GP Sven Nys
46th - Exact Cross Loenhout - Azencross
42nd - Superprestige Diegem
50th - Gavere World Cup
45th - Exact Cross Mol - Zilvermeercross
6th - USA National Championships
5th - Really Rad Festival of CX C2
4th - Really Rad Festival of CX C1
6th - Pan-American Championships
3rd - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2
1st - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2
31st - Fayetteville World Cup
25th - Waterloo World Cup
11th - Trek Cup C1
12th - Rochester CX C2
3rd - Rochester CX C1
6th - Virginia GoCross C2
6th - Virginia GoCross C1

MTB/Gravel 2022

2nd overall - TransRockies Gravel Royal

2nd - The Last Best Ride

2nd - Ore to Shore

13th - Elite MTB National Championships (STXC)

15th - Elite MTB National Championships (XC)

1st - Garden City Gravel

17th - Canmore Canada Cup C1 XC

12th - Canmore Canada Cup C1 (STXC)

7th - Missoula C1 (XC)

11th - Missoula C1 (STXC)

2nd overall - Transylvania Epic Stage Race

13th - Englewood Open C1 (XC)

13th - Englewood Open C1 (STXC)

15th - Whiskey 50 Off-Road Backcountry

6th - Whiskey 50 Off-Road Fat Tire Crit

CX - 2021-22

22nd - Fayetteville Elite World Championships

20th - Gullegum X2O

47th - World Cup Hulst

38th - X2O Trofee Loenhout

56th - Zolder Superprestige

32nd - World Cup Dendermonde

42nd - World Cup Namur

47th - World Cup Rucphen

5th - USA National Championships

10th - Pan-American Championships

2nd - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2

5th - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2

11th - Kings CX C1

34th - UCI World Cup Iowa City

33rd - UCI World Cup Fayetteville

36th - UCI World Cup Waterloo

15th - Charm City C2

17th - Charm City C1

10th - Rochester Cyclocross C2

8th - Rochester Cyclocross C1

11th - Virginia GoCross C2

8th - Virginia GoCross C2

MTB - 2021

2nd - U23 Mountain Bike National Championships (STXC)

4th - U23 Mountain Bike National Championships (XC)

7th - Missoula XC Pro XCT C2

7th - Englewood Open Pro XCT C2

20th - Oz Trails Pro XCT XC Week Two

26th - Oz Trails Pro XCT STXC Week Two

19th - Oz Trails Pro XCT STXC Week One

6th - U23 Pan-American Championships

17th – Tropical Challenge C1

MTB - 2020

1st - BT Epic 

20th overall - Pikes Peak Apex Stage Race

1st - DINO Series Winona Lake

1st - DINO Series Southwest Way

1st - DINO Series Verailles State Park 2nd - DINO Series Brown County

MTB - 2019

40th - Snowshoe U23 World Cup

79th - Lenzerheide U23 World Cup

74th - Val di Sole u23 World Cup

8th - U23 Mountain Bike National Championships (STXC)

15th - U23 Mountain Bike National Championships (XC)

1st - Midwest Regional Championships

10th - Missoula XCM Stage Race GC

15th - Baie-St-Paul Canada Cup C1

2nd - Mont-Tremblant Canada Cup C2

26th - Whiskey 50 Off-Road

Cyclocross - 2019 - 20

21st - Dubendorf World Championships

14th - Hoogerheide U23 World Cup 

2nd - U23 Cyclocross National Championships Tacoma

1st - Collegiate Varsity Cyclocross National Championships Tacoma

3rd - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2

3rd - Major Taylor Cross Cup C2

13th - Pan-American Championships

8th - Silver Goose CX C2

16th - Kings CX C2

22nd - King CX C1

36th - World Cup Waterloo

26th - Jingle Cross C1

9th - Jingle Cross C2

MTB - 2018

10th - U23 Mountain Bike National Championships (XC)                        

20th - Pro Mountain Bike National Championships (STXC)        

3rd - Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championship (STXC)          

5th - Missoula Pro XCT (XC)                         
11th - Missoula Pro XCT (STXC)                     

1st - Hixon Forest Epic (WORS #8)                         
2nd - Red Flint Firecracker (WORS #1)                         
3rd - WORS Cup - Midwest MTB Championships (XC)             
3rd - WORS Cup - Midwest MTB Championships (STXC) 

Cyclocross - 2018-19

1st - Collegiate Varsity Cyclocross National Championships Louisville

9th - U23 Cyclocross National Championships Louisville

3rd - Major Taylor ‘Cross Cup C2  

4th - Major Taylor ‘Cross Cup C2  

5th - Jingle Cross C2  

8th - U23 Pan-American Championships  

17th - Jingle Cross C1  

6th - U.S. Open of CX Day 1 C2

10th - U23 Cyclocross National Championships Reno

3rd - Collegiate Varsity Cyclocross National Championships Reno 

MTB - 2017

1st - Junior 15-18 MTB STXC National Championships 

4th - Junior 17-18 MTB XC National Championships  

44th - Junior 17-18 MTB XCO World Championships  

1st - Tech Devo Pro XCT (STXC)

1st - Chile Challenge Pro XCT (XC)

2nd - Chile Challenge Pro XCT (STXC 8th - Ore to Shore Hard Rock  
Cyclocross - 2017

9th - U23 Pan-American Championships  

4th - 17-18 Cyclocross National Championships  

32nd - Cyclocross World Championships  

39th - Hoogerheide World Cup  


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