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Jingle Cross

Quick write up for Jingle coming at ya! School papers and assignments come first so sorry this one is a little late.

After class on Friday I hopped in the car with Marian teammate and friend Nate Knowles, and we ripped the five hour drive from Indianapolis to Iowa City. He hopped in the P/1/2 race while I got my gear sorted for my 9pm start.

Photos by Gavin Gould

It was a dry during pre-ride but as the humidity condensed I made the switch to my Challenge Baby Limus tires to cope with the slick grass. I had a decent start from the second row and hit the run-up on Mt. Crumpit just outside the top ten.

By the second lap I worked my way into the top ten but was separated off from the next two groups. Tobin Ortendblad and I worked together for a few laps to try and close the gap but I slipped out in corner right as we caught 7th place, and we never made contact again.

I ended up finishing 9th (4th American). Not spectacular but a solid start to the season, especially after an abrupt transition to cyclocross from racing a MTB World Cup 4 days prior.

On Sunday things started off rough. I think it was partially due to the heat and humidity, as well as a mistiming of my pre-race meal. But, my body just felt sluggish and I was not going anywhere fast.

Around the 30 minute mark things started to pick up and I felt like I was really racing. I worked my in the top thirty and kept chipping away to finish finish 26th (13th American).

Photo: Dave Mable

Photo: Dave Mable

I didn't have the strongest race on Sunday, best but I was happy to have still put down a solid effort and made do with what I had. Fitness is solid overall and as I dial in the cx skills we should be in business!

Big thank you to Linear Sport RT, Violich Farms, Englewood Grass Farm, Challenge Tires, Mike’s Mix, and JM Coaching Group as well as Trek, Bontrager, Wheel & Sprocket, Styled Aesthetic, and David Hobbs Honda for their support. Thank you as well to the folks at Comp-Edge Racing for the top-notch mechanical support and hospitality. Next up, my first elite World Cup in Waterloo!

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