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Waterloo World Cup

Having a World Cup 25 minutes from my house is pretty convenient. Although I had to drive up from Indianapolis, it was still pretty darn easy to be staying at home and sleeping in my own bed.

I pre-rode on Friday, and stayed home Saturday do my openers on the road since the imminent rain was going to dramatically change the course. Sure enough, it started raining early Sunday morning and continued all day turning the course into a muddy mess. I got in some laps before noon and Dave Mable captured that muddy action below.

After pre-ride it was all systems go. Numbers pinned, Sram guys helped get the bike 100% race ready along with Krazy Karl and my dad. Then it was on the rollers to warm up and then off to the start line.

Right from the gun things were nuts, we exited the pavement at 30+ mph straight into the slightly uphill muddy course. I stay to the far left side and was able to avoid any initial carnage. On the climb out of pit one I found the packed down line from when the course was dry and was able to move up a couple of spots. Then in the first off-camber I took the low line into the one good rut and snagged a few more places. In the next off-camber I ran the low line and moved up some more. When we got to the top of the the factory run-up people were telling me I was in 25th place. I held position through pit two and in the run through the secret bar I had burst of strength and ran past Hyde, Steve Chainel, Michael Van Den Ham and a Spanish guy into 20th place.

From there things started to unravel. I started to have issues with my back and pelvis, limiting my running which there was quite a lot of in the mud. I probably went a little too hard on that first lap as well... but for awhile it was better than I have ever felt in a race.

I faded back a couple of spots each lap until I was pulled with one to go, finishing 36th. It was a far cry from my first lap, which was a definitely a bit disappointing. However, I learned some lessons that will help me mature as a racer, and it was pretty incredible to race my elite World Cup in my hometown. It was really so special to have some many people cheering me on and I feel so proud tot have represented Wisconsin and the Midwest at this level of racing. Thank you to my family and sponsors for their amazing support. Thank you as well to the whole Trek CX Cup for bringing a world cup to my backyard and to Karl Hendriske for the help in the pits.

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